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Lady? Check. Baseball? Check. Knuckler?! Check!

What’s not to like about this little tidbit, B&E; readers? First of all, it’s about a woman. I like women. Secondly, it’s about baseball. Gosh, I do like baseball. Thirdly, it’s about a knuckleball pitcher. I do love a good knuckleball.

When you roll those things into one, you get Eri Yoshida, an 18-year-old knuckleballer in Japan, who might just become the first female professional baseball player. Watch the video. Like all videos in Japanese it’s genuinely confusing and oddly compelling.

Man, I’m glad spring training is here.

Even though the Mets star centerfielder and shortstop are being interviewed by investigators about a doctor who allegedly gave out steroids (or something akin to it), and the star closer is out with pink eye.

Really? Pink eye? Jesus, guys, get it together.

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