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I Heard a Rumor About Health Care Reform

Apparently, Congress passed health care reform last night. Republicans announce the end of freedom and liberty, and Democrats celebrate their self-importance and ability to nearly blow it completely.

Okay, so maybe I’m cynical. Yes, this reform is better than nothing, I suppose. Probably. I can talk myself out of that better-than-nothing argument for a while, but then I come back to the 30+ million people currently without health care who will certainly benefit. That’s like all the people in the New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago metropolitan areas. Gosh, that’s a lot of people.

Some disappointment was inevitable, I suppose. After all, I believe that anything short of a single-payer system (i.e. Government-paid-for, Medicare For All, or socialized medicine, depending on your preferred language for it) isn’t acceptable. Whatever else this bill does, there is still a profit-making entity between patients and the best care possible. That’s some bull… shit.

Greg Sargent raises an excellent point with regard to the bending-over-backwards that the administration did to woo Bart Stupak, the anti-abortion zealot who almost derailed the whole thing. His voting bloc stuck together. The progressive caucus, especially the ones who “demanded” a public option, gave in pretty early, leaving Dennis Kucinich out to try as the lone liberal holdout until a couple days ago. Come on, liberals. Look what you might have accomplished simply by sticking together, a la Stupak.

Anyway, to those on the right crying that this is a government takeover of health care, you either need to pay attention or stop lying. This bill doesn’t expand Medicare at all. Hell, it doesn’t even offer the citizenry the choice to enter into a public plan.

Without a public plan, the only reaching the government is doing is, perhaps, a reach-around, since our elected officials, even the ones who condemn socialized medicine, have socialized medicine.

From what I can tell, the best news to come out of this is that Rush Limbaugh will be leaving the country. Unless that was a lie too. I’d be shocked – SHOCKED! – if Rush were lying. That’s so unlike him.

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