Friday, March 26, 2010

Germans Aren't Famous For Humor

At my job, as much as we work in electronic media, we still get the occasional call to print some shit on paper. And for those jobs, we hire printing vendors. Some might call them printers. Before we use a new printer, we like to check out their samples, you know, to make sure they know their business to our satisfaction.

So this week, we got some samples, and as the designers were reviewing, one of them started giggling. For one of samples was a brochure from a company called FAG. We're really just 12-year-olds at my office.

FAG is a German company, and nowhere in the brochure does it say what FAG stands for, but it's full of other terrific information. For example, we learned that FAG makes steel balls. FAG is also known for its industrial lubricants. Oh, yes, but we did giggle.

After all, I'm a 12-year-old too.

We were surprised (and impressed!) that FAG owns I won't link to it directly, because you won't know just how wrong it feels to put into your browser unless you do it yourself.

On the company page we learned that FAG got its start in 1883 with the development of its ball-grinding machine. They also have "modern simulation methods" and "testing facilities." FAG's deep-groove ball bearings make for "very high speeds and low friction." There's also a lip seal that generates less heat and minimizes noise. All of these things are very important for FAG.

It's a website that keeps on giving, B&E readers. Obviously, they must know what FAG means in American English (even the British English translation of "cigarette" isn't great, although the implications throughout aren't nearly as fun), but god bless the Germans: they just don't care about that. I swear, I would think that it's satire, if it weren't a German company.

The FAG print job was fine, by the way.

Okay, show's over. Go about your business.

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