Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disingenuous Much?

There's a new tax on the table for consideration in New York - a tax on sugary soft drinks. You know, the ones that are all really, really bad for you and are, probably more than anything, responsible for the obesity epidemic in America.

Like all states, New York's got a budget crisis. And let's face it: everyone's got a health crisis. All of that sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and especially the fake sweetener is killing us. So yeah, I say tax the shit out of it. Anything that'll encourage people to drink something healthy instead, like, say, water, gets my support.

There are advertisements running in support of, and opposed to, the tax. I see the ones opposed more often, and I've seen two of them. The first was utterly unconvincing. It features the owner of a grocery store supposedly speaking on behalf of his customers who shop on budgets, and how this is "just another way for Albany to reach into our pockets."

I'm fortunate not to have to watch every penny while doing my grocery shopping, but the missus and I have a general budget for the food we buy. If I had only $20 to spend on my weekly groceries, why in the hell would I spend even $1.69 on a two-liter bottle of poison? If the tax dissuades me from buying it, I've got another $1.69 to spend on something that's better for me. I'm not going to pocket the $1.69. I'm almost certainly going to get something else, now that I've got an extra $1.69 in my groceries budget.

In other words, the shop owner will still be getting his money, so what's his fucking problem? (Hm... Smaller markup on healthy items? Maybe...)

The one I've been seeing more recently features a mother complaining about how much more money she'll be paying on soft drinks for her kids. Gee, lady, why don't you buy less of that garbage for the sake of your kids' health?

And of course, the American Beverage Association is the money behind the ads. Well, ABA, I'm not buying your shit any more than I'm buying that shit on the shelves.

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At 9:46 PM , Blogger Missy said...

A similar tax is being proposed here as well. I am all in favor of it. But then again I am one of those damn tax loving liberals.

At 12:42 AM , Blogger Carrie said...

So ranty.

At 2:32 AM , Blogger Tony said...

Rarely I disagree with you, but this time I do ;-) I've been addicted to cola since I was two...and that's my only reason for opposing the tax on Coke - pure selfishness. I think there should be a tax on butter, instead. It kills far more people.


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