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The Hope of a New Season

The thing that’s just terrific about baseball is that hope springs eternal. So your team failed (as usual) this year. It doesn’t matter. February rolls around, you hear the magical words, “pitchers & catchers,” and your team has the potential to be the best in the league, just like every other team.

Oh, unless you’re the 2010 New York Metropolitans. Nope. They don’t have that potential.

We’re still a month from the kickoff of spring training, and the team’s superstar centerfielder, Carlos Beltran — who gets paid a whopping $119 million, who has decided without the team’s agreement to have knee surgery, and who (apropos of nothing) has always had some sort of weird growth on the side of his head — won’t even be in the Mets lineup until May.

Yes, indeed. The Mets will once again be terrible. Yay.

Since it was first announced a couple of years ago, I’ve been rather annoyed by the Mets’ partnership with Citigroup, which resulted in the naming rights to the new stadium. Citi Field. Blech. I mean, why would a such a stellar baseball organization want to be associated with an insolvent financial institution that’s been so eager to keep sucking at the teat of the federal government?

But now the Mets seem determined to live up to the stunningly high standards of Citigroup itself. I sincerely wish it didn’t make so much sense.

Let’s go, Mets! Let’s go, Mets! Let’s go, Mets!


Anyway, here’s the second of the tasty Egyptian footballers, a fella called Gomaa, also courtesy of blondandeffective, for you non-baseball fans. Enjoy!

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