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Now THAT is a Baseball Fan

As if I needed another reason to like Donald Sutherland (Keifer would be enough!), the Bats Blog on the New York Times website featured a story that gave me much pleasure.

The blog post by Tyler Kepner is discussing how the Montreal Expos, which hasn’t been a team in Major League Baseball since 2004, is starting to jump back into the news, as former Expos greats get elected to the Hall of Fame: first Gary Carter and now Andre Dawson. Tyler tags on a nice anecdote at the end of his post.

Donald Sutherland was a big Montreal Expos fan, and would attend games quite frequently, especially back in the late 70s and early 80s, when they weren’t a joke team. If his agent needed to get a hold of Donald in the middle of the game, rather than call his cell phone, still more than a decade from being available, his agent would call the front office, which would post a message on the scoreboard at the dome. “Donald, call your agent.”

During a particularly tense game, Donald’s agent called, needing an answer about a particular project. The game was too important, and Donald hung up on him. Once the game seemed safely won, Donald, feeling relieved, called back his agent and said, “I don’t care what the deal is. I’ll do the movie.”

The movie was Robert Redford’s Ordinary People, a movie only slightly less depressing than the demise of the Montreal Expos.

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