Sunday, November 29, 2009

That'll Show 'Em

Remember the New York Metropolitans? They're a minor league team that plays in Flushing Meadows, Queens. At least that's how it seemed this past season, as they staggered to a 92-loss season. Well done, Highest Payroll in the National League.

So what's the front office's biggest move during this off-season so far? A new jersey! It's a throwback - cream colored with blue pinstripes - to remind fans of the days of 1962, when the Mets lost 120 games in a season, the still-standing modern-day record.

Oh, and the Mets were also wearing this particular jersey when they won the World Series in 1969, but who can think of such nonsense after so absurd an inaugural season in New Shea Stadium?

The marketing masters in the New York Mets front office launched the new jersey just in time for Black Friday. Which unfortunately for the Mets' holiday income, coincided with Mets fans' still lingering bitter feelings over a job shittily done.

So as of Friday afternoon, the Mets Clubhouse store had sold exactly zero new retro jerseys.

Just wait until next year!

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