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An Appropriate 10th Anniversary Celebration?

Well, the Huffington Post reminded me that today is the 10th anniversary of the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act.

You see, during the Great Depression, the government decided it would be a good idea to separate the commercial banks from the riskier investment banks. It protected consumers. Gosh, those New Dealers were so cute in their determination to help people. Silly New Dealers.

But the free marketeers of Reaganomics hated that shit, and the free-marketing Clinton administration repealed it, to much celebration within the Republican Party and, let’s face it, the bulk of the Democratic Party, too. Free market good! Regulation baaaaaaad!

So what’s the best way to celebrate the government’s monstrous sellout of the people ten years ago, the sellout that almost certainly caused the current (monstrous) financial crisis?

Well, I don’t know. But it sure as hell makes me want to do what the Swedes do and burn some fucking bunnies for fuel.

(I admit it: I’ve been looking for an excuse to share that link with you all for weeks.)

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