Thursday, October 01, 2009

Feckless Weenies and Tango!

A bunch of things cropped up this week that I let go without comment due to busy-ness. I shall touch on a few of them now, ever so briefly.

I'm sure it'll surprise the small number of readers I have that I'm a fan of Medicare For All or a single-payer health system or whatever term you want to call it when the government actually covers its citizens' health needs, since it's a basic human right and all.

So this whole health debate has been infuriating because what seems most logical to me isn't at all being discussed, and the media only seems to be covering the nutty fringe of lunatics. And by "lunatics," of course, I mean our United States Senators.

Meanwhile, a big deal is being made of this whole "public option," like it's the be-all and end-all of health reform. And although I agree that at this point it's the best we can get, the only reason that's true is because the feckless weenies some call the Democrats started this debate with a compromised position.

So the Senate Finance Committee voted on a couple of versions of the public option this week. One version was "robust," and the other version was the opposite of robust. And both versions didn't pass the committee because they couldn't get enough Democratic support.

And why? Because Democrats are feckless weenies.

Of course, this is just one committee, and four other health plans currently on the table include a public option of some sort. And depending on whom you ask, the Finance Committee vote is either a reason for optimism or a "devastating blow."

Either way, with Democrats likes these, who needs Republicans?

In separate but related news, I got an email from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this week (not sure how I got on his list). It had the subject heading, "Delay is unacceptable!"

And for once, I couldn't agree more. Did you see Tom DeLay doing the tango on Dancing with the Stars? He almost dropped his partner! Totally unacceptable! (And if you didn't see his cha-cha...)

Alas, Harry wasn't talking about Tom DeLay. No, he's talking about healthcare reform. He puts the blame squarely on the Republicans, who are, to be sure, doing everything they can to kill reform. But you're the freakin' Senate Majority Leader. Get your party in line, buster.

It's only because Democrats are feckless weenies, led by another feckless weenie, if healthcare reform fails.

And it'll only be because Democrats are feckless weenies, led by another feckless weenie, if the 2010 midterm elections are completely disastrous for the Democratic Party.

All I'm saying is that right now Tom DeLay only looks a little sillier than the Democratic members of the United States Senate.

Meanwhile, from the House of Representatives comes Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida. Earlier this week, he announced before the chamber that the Republican plan for healthcare reform is, "Don't get sick. If you do get sick, die quickly." And OOOOOOOOHHHHH, Republicans are SO OFFENDED!

I actually think what he said is just damned good advice, but what I really like about this fella is that he's not apologizing. And I, for one, greatly appreciate what Greg Sargent says about why lefties such as me like that he's standing firm. It's not that what he said is overly partisan, and we like the partisan shots.

No, indeed, we like that for once we see a Democrat who's not a feckless weenie.

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