Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This is Front Page?

I don't read the New York Post, but I do occasionally enjoy its headlines. There have been a couple of real doozies over the years. Ones I particularly like include "Ku Klux Kloser" (about John Rocker's anti-7-train comments a few years ago) and "Red Prez Brezh Dead" (when, obviously, Leonid Brezhnev died).

This morning I caught this one: "Only in America: Spitz hooker's mom shocked he's back."

You see, Elliot Spitzer, who was caught with that prostitution ring a while back, which resulted in his resignation as Governor of New York, is thinking of running for office again. Maybe Attorney General, maybe state Comptroller, maybe something else.

I didn't read the article that goes with the headline, but apparently the mother of the hooker who Elliot frequented just can't believe it.

So a woman who was actually completely irrelevant to the original story about a governor and his penchant for prostitutes is shocked.

And does this really happen "Only in America"? Hell, man, when the former president of France Francois Mitterand died, his wife and mistress comforted each other at his grave. And what about that Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi? That guy seems to be about nothing but young, hot chicks. So I'm not sure "only in America" is accurate.

Of course, it's not like my expectations are terribly high for the New York Post, but how slow a news day does it have to be to give the mother of the subject of an old news story front page coverage?

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