Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scraping Bottom

I took a gander over at the Mets website to see if they're playing the Game of the Week on Fox.

The home page of every Major League Baseball team features a highlight from the previous game. Even if the team loses, the highlight will show a home run by the losing team or a great play in the field, etc. So as you might expect, on today's Yankees home page, for example, they show Derek Jeter breaking the all-time Yankees hit record. Congratulations, Derek. Even if I don't understand why you're dating Lila Garrity.

Anyway, today, the caption under the Mets highlight read as follows:

Omir Santos crosses the plate on a double-play ball, putting a run on the board for the Mets.
That's right. The Mets highlight is a double play that the Mets hit into.

It's been a long fucking season, B&E readers. But surely this is rock bottom.

And yes, today's game is on Fox. I look forward to an afternoon nap.



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