Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hope! From Kansas!

During a visit to Kansas two years ago, the town of Greensburg was completely destroyed by a "wedge" tornado. I was writing about how the governor at the time, Kathleen Sebelius, sent a strongly-worded letter to the Pentagon about getting some of those National Guard troops out of Iraq and back in our nation to help during an emergency such as that one.

Here we are now, two years later, and the New York Times tells us what's become of Greensburg, Kansas. And it's surprisingly optimistic.

The people of Greensburg are quite visionary, as it turns out. They're building a sustainable town. Business and civic leaders got together with residents and just went for it.

I rather wish the article went into more of the details about where all the money came from. How much is private funds? How much from insurance? How much is donated resources? How much is government money?

But Judas Priest, I have a lot of admiration for the Greensburgers. Two years ago, the town was razed, and there was real question about whether or not it would continue to be a town. But they're back, baby. They're back and better than ever.

Ah, the moxie of a small town. You go get 'em, Greensburg. I like it. You get the B&E seal of approval. Even if I don't know what that is exactly.

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