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Can I Get an “Oy!”?

The past few days have been upheavalous, a word I just made up.

As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, I don’t much care for the overly personal here on the B&E.; I’d much rather discuss baseball (the Mets are terrible!), punctuation holidays (dog’s cock!), and politics (yes, the right-wing is racist!).

But alas, sometimes the personal creeps into my blogging life. It is, after all, what goes on inside this bald, effective head of mine.

Back in February, I’d gotten the OK from my boss to take a sabbatical, and since it’s so very difficult to balance everyday life with creative output (the output suffers), I figured I’d apply to some of those residency programs like the one I used to work for in Vermont. In May, I got accepted to one. In October, I was spending the month there.

It’s a small program in the hills of Kentucky, and it really did seem like the ideal place to figure out this new project I’m mulling over. It had nature, solitude, a small community of artists, and no cost. I was going to start driving on Thursday, see a cousin, his family, and a high school friend en route, and arrive on Saturday for a month of writing and creative rejuvenation.

On Friday, I got an email that they’re dealing with a health emergency and have had to suspend their residency program for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, I’m ready to go. But where? So I’ve got feelers out, scrambling for new options, and I must say, the outpouring of support from the people in my life has been pretty amazing.

My worst-case scenarios are pretty good, actually. Empty houses and cabins in idyllic locations. And there are some long-shot possibilities at other residency programs. So I’ll end up somewhere.

But I’m pretty bummed to be missing out on this place in Kentucky. It was everything I was looking for.

And it was only a few hours from the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum!

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