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The Most Miserable Couple in the World

As I’ve mentioned before, I look at the faces I pass on the Brooklyn Bridge during my morning commute, sometimes with surprising results.

Two people I see with some regularity are a couple. Or at least I assume they’re a couple since they so often walk together. They also often walk separately. No matter how they’re walking – together or separate – they look miserable.

The guy looks about as defeated by life as someone can look. The hair on the top of his head is blonder than the rest, and those of us who begin fair and lose the hair know that it’s just a matter of time before it stops growing altogether. He’s clearly very disappointed by this problem – and what are clearly his other major problems.

The gal looks angry. She’s probably pissed off that her partner is so goddamned depressed all the time. It can be difficult being with someone who’s always such a downer. I suspect she’s really quite hard on Defeated Guy.

When they’re walking together, they sometimes argue. Or maybe because Defeated Guy looks so defeated and Angry Gal looks so angry, they just look like they’re arguing.

When they walk separately, Defeated Guy looks no less defeated, and Angry Gal looks no less angry. Usually they’re separated by a large portion of the Brooklyn Bridge. One morning, though, they were maybe ten yards apart. It was as if they had a fight mid-Bridge and Angry Gal walked ahead and Defeated Guy just let her.

I’d like to give them an award. Perhaps The Most Miserable Couple in the World Award. But then it might cheer them up, and they’d have to give the award back.

But every time I see them, a piece of me becomes just a little more miserable.

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