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I’m Paying a Lot for Health Insurance, but I’m Not Buying Your Shit

Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s a debate about health care reform going on. I mean, technically, it’s not really a debate. There’s a proposal on the table, and a well-funded, very loud opposition is saying no.

Earlier this week, I got an email from President Bill Clinton (which gosh, I guess he wrote in his free time in between making all of his plans for travel to North Korea). The subject heading of this email was “1993.” Clever. You see, his (and Hillary’s) health plan was killed in 1993. The goal of Bubba’s email was to raise money for the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee).

His email includes this line: “…Republicans are waging a fierce assault on President Obama’s health care initiative.” OK, that’s accurate, as far as it goes.

I really hate partisan politics. Especially bullshit partisan politics. There are Democrats who are weakening or attempting to kill health care reform. And they’re in Congress. So my money might go to support those assholes, too.

Of course the Republican Party is standing firm against health care reform. Why would anyone expect differently? I don’t know why the Democrats are even attempting compromises if the Pubes won’t support the bill anyway. Fuck ‘em.

And this is just one reason I think the Democrats are a bunch of feckless weenies. In theory, they’ve got a “super majority” and can pass the Best Health Care Reform Ever. But they won’t. Because they’re Democrats.

So Bill, I’m thrilled that you saved those journalists from hard labor in North Korea, but I’m afraid that Republicans aren’t the only obstacles to passing real health care reform. I won’t be making a donation at this time. I tend to not make donations to feckless weenies.

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