Friday, August 07, 2009

I Love This Place

A couple of years ago, I got a second-hand story in which a Thai man said that the restaurant SriPraPhai had "the best Thai food outside of Thailand." That, B&E readers, is a freakin' endorsement.

SriPraPhai is truly outstanding, especially if authenticity is what you're looking for in your Thai food experience. It's not so far from where the missus and I live in Queens, and honestly we could stand to go much more often than we do.

I'm meeting some college friends there this weekend, and I needed to give them directions, so I went to the SriPraPhai website to get the exact address. That was when I happened upon the "About Us" portion of the website.

It's a cheap shot (and a little offensive) to mock immigrants for poor English or less-than-stellar writing abilities. So I'm going to (mostly) let that go without comment.

Yes, the grasp on English is tenuous ("Not until a couple of years later when these American companies started their business directly in Thailand bringing the price differentiation closer") and tense usage gets confusing ("It was not until middle of 2003 that she has an opportunity to buy building on both of her sides").

But this biography of Sripraphai Tipmanee does its job well: it makes me want to eat at the restaurant. It's upbeat. It's positive. It constantly discusses its service to Thai people first (authenticity!).

It doesn't even matter that it says "About Us" and discusses only one person. I'd love to know more about the restaurant itself, but I'm just going to need to go back again and again to make my discoveries.

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