Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Comments That Make Me Happy

I've had "a week," as people say, so I haven't focused much energy on B&E in the past few days. I still don't have much to say, so let me turn to people who say things in the B&E comments section instead.

For reasons probably having to do with Google, several old posts seem to garner more attention than others and continue to reap the benefits of comments long after they were written.

To my screed against dreadlocks (in relation to their ubiquity in Sweden), I received this comment, from Anonymous (if that is indeed his or her name):
I usually dont comment on blogs, but the sheer stupidity of this post left me with no choices...

Get a life man....seriously..
This one really made me happy. I offer no defense for my stupidity except to say, "Watch your use of ellipses and apostrophes. And your dreadlocks don't look nearly as good as you think they do, Whitey. Shave them."

Some of my posts on the Bad Advertising on NY1 seem to get some late attention, too. Related to my post about Hillside Honda, Anonymous (if that is indeed his or her name - gosh, I wonder if it's the same person as Dreadlocked Whitey above) writes:
Dat's my daughtah Angelah ... she's a beautiful goyl!! Ohhhhh!
What I really wish is that I could hear that last "Ohhhhh!" the way the writer intends it because I'm not sure that my reading of it is what Anonymous had in mind.

Apparently, those Binder & Binder ads are international. Who knew? Well, I know that now (and so do you) thanks to Rossvegas (if that is indeed his name):
Hey, I'm up here in Canada and we get the amazing Binder Lidâ„¢ here too. I'm guessing he's hiding a bald dome, because that hat is just WAY too ridiculous to be worn otherwise.
Nice touch on that little TM after "Binder Lid."

Those are just a few of the recent comments inspired by the latest ramblings of B&E.

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention two other things:

First of all, a special shout-out goes to Curt (Bald Bro), if that is indeed his name, for keeping us all informed in the latest of head-shavings from around the country and world.

And finally, I was pleased to learn recently that if you Google "feckless weenies," B&E is the second result. I can live with a silver medal in the "feckless weenie" category. I'd like to thank my mom and dad, my agent, and God.

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