Monday, July 13, 2009

Yuck. Oh, and Yuck.

Hey, B&E readers! You know what's disconcerting? I'll tell you what's disconcerting. Having someone else's shower come up through your bathroom drain: that's what's disconcerting. And when someone else's shower is coming up through your bathroom drain, and suddenly you hear a neighbor flush, causing your toilet to start regurgitating: well, that's really disconcerting.

I think maybe my bathroom was 20 minutes from full meltdown/overflow when the super made the executive decision to shut the building's water off. The water sitting in my tub and toilet was full of a sediment, the color of which I've never seen. Peanut butter that's been soaking in the sink too long might be similar.

It didn't stink or anything, so I'm pretty sure no actual raw sewage found its way into my tub. Still, watching brownish, cloudy water coming up from the drain in the bathtub is mighty disconcerting.

The super called the plumber, who came and took care of business by the early afternoon, but I tell you what B&E readers...

Waking up to see your neighbor's shower coming up through your bathroom drain... Well, it's pretty fucking disconcerting.

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At 6:43 PM , Blogger Laura said...

Nice. And, you're right, yuck.

At 9:45 AM , Blogger Missy said...

That is straight up N-A-S-T-Y.

At 11:21 PM , Anonymous VK said...

eeewwww. the only good thing about this story is it makes me not miss new york, for a change.


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