Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wonder Who Administers His Page

So I do a bit of dabbling in the social media. Just dabbling. I admit that I've been won over by the charm of Facebook, or at least the charm of some of the people with whom I've reconnected on Facebook.

This whole "fan" thing has me a little confused. I actually had to join Facebook in the first place for work, so naturally I've become a fan of a couple of clients. And I'm sure I've become a fan of a few other things as well (my high school theater teacher retired this year, and I'm pretty sure I'm his fan).

But I also get "fan suggestions" constantly. No, I will not become a fan of Starbucks. No, I don't think I want to be a fan of Target. Not only do they not need my fandom, but I also just much care for them. I don't think I need to be a fan of corporations.

There are odd fan options, too. Early in my Facebook days, I think I may have become a fan of sleep. You can be a fan of just about anything. You can be a fan of thunderstorms, if you want.

Today, Facebook suggested that I become a fan of God. Naturally, a few of my friends are already His fan. Well, that is a ponder.

Part of me gets sad thinking that God needs to turn to social networking to keep His marketing edge. Part of me wonders what happens if I don't become God's fan. I would probably have to de-fan lightning. Or perhaps if I'm a fan of lightning, it wouldn't strike me down. Part of me suspects that God actually has nothing to do with His page, sort of like my response when I see players thanking The Big Guy on the baseball field - "Dude, I suspect that God isn't micromanaging this game." Part of me wonders if you have to be God's fan in order to benefit from the Rapture. And what does it mean to benefit from the Rapture anyway? I mean, if all of the people who believe in the Rapture get Raptured, wouldn't earth be a lovely, peaceful, less hateful place? Part of me would rather, quite frankly, be God's friend than His fan. At least then it's a two-way relationship. Part of me wonders whose God this is exactly. What if I become His fan, and it's not the Judeo-Christian God I was expecting, but rather the Aztec God of War, Huitzilopochtli? It gets pretty awkward having to de-fan or de-friend someone on Facebook, and I don't particularly want Huitzilopochtli pissed off at me, do I?

Dude, I have enough problems without getting into a whole Facebook drama with God. But if I just ignore the suggestion, will He know?

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