Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Part of Aging Can Blow Me

I threw out my back on Sunday.

The missus and I are working toward clearing out a storage unit to save the monthly fee. Naturally, it's filled mostly with boxes of books. It was all going just fine until I loaded the final box into our car.

I don't consider myself someone with back problems, although I might have to shift my thinking on that one. After all, I've had some random back pains in the past - including stress-related muscle tension under the shoulder blades, and twice I've had back spasms that completely immobilized me.

But this one feels like an injury. I've never had a back injury before. It's pretty goddamned unpleasant.

It was a little better yesterday than Sunday, but I'm not feeling a lot of further improvement this morning.

I knew books would be my downfall. I'm sticking to TV from now on. And I won't try to move it.



At 8:45 AM , Anonymous jeff said...

Watch TV on your laptop; it is much more portable. Hulu, itunes, Netflix - everything you want is out there. An actual television set is so high school, which is to say old school.


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