Sunday, July 05, 2009

She's a Genius! She's an Idiot! She's a...

I feel like I'd be a little remiss if I didn't say anything about Sarah Palin and her sudden resignation.

There. I said it. Now I hope she'll go away.

And fortunately for me, I keep my expectations lower than my hopes.



At 5:44 AM , Anonymous curt(bald bro said...

but she can see russia from her house! hahaha
time for her to put a cork in it

At 6:03 AM , Anonymous curt(bald bro said...

dan, you probably don't agree with me but i think a sense-of-humor is mandatory concerning politics (like pro-wrestling). wtf?!

At 3:16 PM , Anonymous curt(bald bro said...

a good (and EFFECTIVE) way to beat the summer heat!


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