Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looks Like They Needed the Distraction

Recently, Tony Bernazard, one of the Mets' Vice Presidents (allegedly) ripped off his shirt and challenged members of the double-A affiliate to a throw-down. Later, he also got into some sort of altercation with the Mets' All-Star closer Francisco Rodriguez.

These are the types of baseball organizational occurrences that the press likes to call "distractions." Often these sorts of distractions are blamed for losing.

The Mets are having what can only be seen as a sub-par season of baseball playing. So when Tony's actions became a "distraction," General Manager Omar Minaya felt he had to fire Tony. In doing so, Omar blamed the reporter for doing his job. Looky! Another distraction!

Now it's been nearly a week of all this nonsense, and as you might expect, it's having an adverse effect on the team.

And by adverse, of course, I mean that the Mets were losing a lot, and now they've won five games in a row.

As long as the front office isn't paying attention to what goes on down on the baseball field, the players win.

Keep up the distractions, boys! We're counting on you to do whatever's necessary to make the Mets champions! Let's go Mets!



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