Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's the Ears and Beady Eyes

Recently, I've been reminded of Truman. Not the president. The Truman I'm thinking about was a developmentally delayed kid at my grade school in Texas. When I was seven, he looked about 20, but he was probably really only 12. For reasons I'm not sure, everyone knew all the names of the kids in special education at that school.

Truman wore cowboy boots and western shirts every day. His hair was pressed down on his head, his ears stuck out, and there was a certain emptiness in his beady eyes.

I had a minor run-in with Truman in the 2nd grade. I'd gone to the bathroom, and Truman was using the urinal, so I took care of business in the stall. When I turned around, Truman was standing at the door of the stall. He was leaning against one side of the stall, with his arm reaching across to the other side, blocking my path.

He was staring at me with his mouth slightly agape. His hair was slicked down, of course, and his beady eyes were glaring at me. It was nothing, if not predatory. And even then I recognized a certain amount of sexual curiosity in the predatory glare. I also saw some confusion, possibly thanks to his developmental delays. He had me trapped, but wasn't sure what to do next.

Naturally, I was scared. Truman was a lot bigger than me, and he and I were alone in the bathroom.

I bolted. There was surprisingly little resistant from his arm when I shoved it out of my way. I expected the big kid to be a lot stronger, and I was really small for my age then. I skipped the hand-washing part and headed right back to class. Truman didn't follow.

I only had one other experience with Truman that year. Again, I was going to the bathroom during class (I think I went when I felt bored, which was often in those days), and when I opened the door, Truman's head poked out of the stall. I turned right around and went back to class. Thank god I didn't actually need to pee.

So why have I been thinking about Truman these past few days? The slicked hair, beady eyes, and predatory glaring are back in the news in the person of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, senior Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jeff Sessions is clearly on the prowl, has SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor in his sites, and yet doesn't seem to be sure of what it is he's after exactly. She's right in front of him... Now what?

And ultimately, Sessions is no match for Sotomayor. Her brain will push his weak arm and confused mind right out of the way and lead her way to the Court.

That's right: Senator Jeff Sessions reminds me of a developmentally delayed grade school kid.

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At 5:34 AM , Blogger ArtsyFartsyTim said...

Ha - this made me laugh. The fact that it started of so disturbingly is only appropriate

Jeff Sessions is a douchebag


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