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Pat and The Scotsman

Pat Robertson has once again done something offensive. I know! I KNOW! Shocking!

In reference to gay marriage, he said that from here it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, and indoor-plumbiphilia.

Equating the LGBTQCI (and any other letters that may or may not encompass what has generally been known as the "gay community") with pedophiles is something I've known was wrong since... oh, I don't know... I was nine? I grew up near the park in Topeka known for gay cruising.

When we moved into our house within walking distance of Gage Park (or Gay Park, as it was sometimes called), members of our church congregation (of which my dad was a leader) warned, "Just make sure you don't let your kids walk around there by themselves."

My dad was quite the progressive among our particular Lutheran community (we were Missouri Synod, if any of you readers out there happen to be "in the know" about Lutheranism), and he had a knack for playing innocent and, dare I say, stupid as a way of being challenging and non-threatening at the same time.

"But if they're gay, won't they be more interested in me than my children?" My dad was also a fairly handsome man, and this was invariably true.

But for some of the Lutherans he knew, this was perhaps the first time they'd been faced with a church leader who said, well, anything about gay people. And his innocent question actually got some closed-minded people thinking about gay people differently.

So now, these fathers were more fearful for themselves than their children when in Gage Park.

Alas, the awareness of my own father (who may not have even known any gay people at that time in his life) has not found its way to Dickhead Robertson.

Now bear with me here, as this might seem like a tangent, and it sort of is...

Pat Robertson has links to Scotland. He once said that Scotland is a dark land where homosexuals are unbelievably strong. So it was surprising about ten years ago when he formed a partnership with the Bank of Scotland. He was expected to get that 700 Club flock of his to support the bank. The Scots, knowing what a Dickhead Pat is, were not pleased, and the deal eventually fell through. But you know, apparently if you're Pat Robertson, money is more important than your morality.

Money, it turns out, isn't Pat's only link to Scotland. And the distaste for Pat doesn't necessarily extend to other conclusions. There seems to be an intrinsic link between homosexuality and pedophilia in Scotland. Or at least that's true in Scotland's leading newspaper, The Scotsman.

My brother-in-law was recently sitting on the jury of one of the most horrific criminal cases I've ever heard about. It was the prosecution of a big child pornography and child sexual abuse/assault ring. The details of the case were so shocking that, for the first time ever, the Scottish court kept psychologists on call for the jurors, should they need immediate counseling.

Due to a previous commitment, my brother-in-law had to be released early from his duty as juror, but the case has now come to a close with guilty verdicts across the board on all counts. The Scotsman had the story. (If you are at all squeamish about child abuse, I wouldn't recommend following that link.)

Within the story was this sentence:

Two of the men – convicted sex offender Neil Strachan and gay rights campaigner James Rennie – were convicted of sex attacks on children.

Come on, The Scotsman. You should know better than that. His gay rights activism is completely separate from his role in sex attacks on children. And to link homosexuality and pedophilia is irresponsible and homophobic. It's also totally irrelevant to the story.

You're making an implication that furthers discriminatory stereotypes about gay people that I've known were stupid since 1982. Shame on you, The Scotsman.

Oh, and fuck you, Pat Robertson, you colossal Dickhead.

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At 11:43 PM , Anonymous curt (bald bro said...

dan, some food for thought. while i believe marriage is between a man and a woman, my question would be why gay people would even want that? why involve the church? and to me, the only ones who would benefit would be lawyers (divorces). also, at what cost do this all come about? the idea of having "hate speech" is about as evil, wrong and unconstitional (freedom of speech! period!) as it gets,imo. if someone believes homosexuality is "wrong" and they can't even express that without fear of going to jail, where exactly does that get us---going backwards! there are legal means in place for someone to inherit your assets when you die, and i do believe everyone should have the choice of naming one other person, regardless of what relation they are to you, to get benefits through work. so otherwise i don't understand why someone would literally sell their soul for something where ultimately NOBODY "wins"! Nobody! just some thoughs---devil's advocate if you will...

At 11:45 PM , Anonymous curt(bald bro said...

and sorry about all the typos like /does/ and /thoughts/---i need to learn to proread before hitting enter. hee hee

At 12:13 AM , Anonymous curt(bald bro said...
(and i am bi- not that that should matter nor is it anyone's business, and not some right-wing Bible thummper, but you are FREE to believe whatever you want)

At 7:33 AM , Blogger Dan G said...

There's a lot to respond to here, but let me try to address the various questions/comments briefly...

Marriage for the gay community is simply a matter of equality. There IS a difference between civil union and marriage, and until it's recognized by the state as marriage, the state is denying rights to American citizens, which is downright un-American.

LGBT, etc. people will want to involve the church the same way straight people will. The missus and I didn't get married in a church, but we're still married. So gay marriages may or may not happen in a place of worship. Deeply religious gay people will want their faiths recognized. I don't think gay marriage rights are forcing anything down the throats of individual churches.

I'm not sure I understand your question about the cost. I'm a free speech advocate too. People who think homosexuality is wrong have every right to say so, and should also accept that the people who disagree have every right to speak out and demonstrate against them for their beliefs. You have the right to say whatever you want, and I have the right to protest what you say. It goes in both directions.

Marriage recognized by the state protects assets better than just about anything, but I'm also not a legal expert and agree that we should be able to pick whomever we want to get our assets when we die, as well as other benefits. But there are also life and death decisions protected by marriage.

I've got a great marriage, so it doesn't much seem like selling my soul.

But you're more than welcome to express your opinion on this and every issue. And I enjoy the photos and videos very much.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to be B&E!


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