Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As Bon Jovi Once Said, "Oh, We're Halfway There"

Apparently, it's Gay Marriage Week here on B&E. Not only did Curt (Bald Bro) and I have a little call and response on Saturday's post, but also, yesterday the New York State Assembly has passed the Gay Marriage Bill.

Naturally, there were still a few Assemblyfolks who called it a moral outrage and a slippery slope toward polygamy.

And I do like the sentiment behind the quote from one Democrat: "We do nothing revolutionary or extraordinary today."

After all, it really shouldn't be so difficult to give all Americans equality under the law.

Next stop: Senate. It's by no means certain that the bill will pass there. In fact, it's not looking very good for those of us who support gay marriage.

Still, there's a clear shift happening. Gay marriage was almost unthinkable a couple of years ago. It took courts (that's "activist judges" in code) to give equal protection under the law.

I think it was a short little posting I read over at TPM a few days ago, in which Josh Marshall posited that it's becoming easier for politicians to support gay marriage because gay marriage has been legal in a few places for a couple of years now, and the straight majority is realizing, "Wow, this really affects me not at all."



At 10:54 PM , Blogger laura said...

great article on how it is politically ok to supports the gays... -Deanna


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