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The Mets’ New Archbishop

Catholics aren’t generally known for their flexible stances on positions. They’re remarkably consistent, which is something I both admire and admonish. I agree sometimes (no war and no death penalty), and I disagree sometimes (no choice and no gay marriage). But the positions themselves are longstanding and immovable.

Not so, it seems, with baseball loyalties.

From what I can gather, through some Googling, New York’s new Archbishop Timothy Dolan is a giant baseball fan. He’s a Cardinals fan by birth, apparently, but for the past seven or eight years that he’s been in Milwaukee, he enthusiastically supported the Brewers.

Prior to his appointment, he apparently expressed his intention of rooting for the Yankees. But it was the Mets who got him to their stadium first.

And, naturally, in his first game at Bailout Ballpark, the Mets were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. Way to go, Mets! Challenge his loyalties immediately!

Archbishop Dolan shows flexibility not normally seen in the belief system of the Catholic Church, which tends to turn around more slowly than a super tanker.

I wish this demonstrated a flexibility on other issues, such as the gay marriage debate grinding its way through the New York State Legislature. Come on, state government, let’s put it to the floor and get an on-record vote instead of getting thing stuck in back-room dealing.

Anyway, Dolan’s already stated in no uncertain terms that gay people aren’t people. They are sinners. Sinners don’t get rights.

“Back-room dealing”? Maybe that is the best way to get gay marriage passed!

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