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Beating a Dead Bank

Last night, the Mets christened the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at their new ballpark. Jackie’s widow said a few words, and his daughter threw out the first pitch. The players all wore the number 42 (that’s Jackie’s league-retired number), and Jose Reyes scored from first base on a wild pitch just to show off his Jackie Robinson wheels. And the Mets won the game. All in all, a fine evening.

Bailout Ballpark, or as the team has insisted on calling it Citi Field, was designed to look like Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, where Jackie Robinson played with the Dodgers. Good call.

But Jackie deserves more than the rotunda. That the whole stadium wasn’t named for Jackie Robinson is embarrassing, even more so now that the corporate sponsor is eating bailout funds for breakfast and, whether or not the executives at Shitigroup are willing to admit it, is totally insolvent.

I’ve complained on numerous occasions about the whole “Citi Field” thing, I know, but when I saw clips this morning, it just got my blood all a’boiling again. Jackie’s widow says that Jackie would be humbled to have the glorious rotunda honoring him.

Well, fuck that, Mets. Give Jackie the whole stadium.

I’m just glad that when I finally get to Bailout Ballpark I’ll have some Shake Shack around to wash that Shiti taste out of my mouth.

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