Monday, March 02, 2009

Tap That

Every time, President Obama selects someone to join his cabinet, the headlines announce that Obama's tapped that person. At some point, a young rapscallion in the newsroom should tell the editor-in-charge-of-headlines that there's an alternative meaning to "tap" that makes immature jackasses such as myself giggle.

Jackass 1: Obama totally tapped Sebelius.

Jackass 2: Dude, I wouldn't tap that.

Jackass 1: Are you kidding? I'd tap that. She's a total GILF.

Jackass 2: No way, man, but that Hilda Solis? I'd totally tap that. Hottest Labor Secretary ever. Total LSILF.

Heh, heh... Obama tapped the Governor of Kansas... Heh... Tapped...

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At 1:24 PM , OpenID zerospfskinned said...

Wow, little disappointed, Dan. I'd have hoped for at least a whiff of a classical music reference in this post...


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