Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Broke States

California is about to layoff 20,000 state employees, facing a $4 billion shortfall. Kansas is delaying mailing tax refund checks and may not be able to make payroll this week. My Kansas friends' Facebook statuses have been almost all something along the lines of "[name] hopes to receive a paycheck on Friday." My mom gets her pension from the state, too, so I hope she's not about to get hosed.

Meanwhile, in New York and countless other states (well, not countless, as there are only 47 others) governors and mayors are planning major cuts in government services because of an utter lack of cash.

I believe in paying taxes. I don't think government is the enemy, at least it's not supposed to be. The government is supposed to provide public services, and I believe that there is a fair way for the public to help pay for these services, which should be provided at no profit to the government. Maybe it's that my dad was a minister, but I very much have a "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar" attitude toward taxes. Jesus said that, people. It's literally Gospel.

So this whole government-is-the-enemy-lower-taxes-at-all-costs attitude of the Republican Party (and - let's face it - many in the Democratic Party, too) drives me up a wall.

We're now seeing so-called pragmatic Republican governors such as Florida's Charlie Crist (an h short of Christ) and California's Arnold Schwarzeneggar (no letters short of anything) get behind Obama's stimulus package because they'll get some much-needed money on the local level. Apparently, most Senate and all House Republicans don't give a shit about their localities.

Taxes have been getting lowered, particularly for rich people and corporations, for decades. Um... I know I'm not an economist, but could it possibly be that the United States runs on deficits and cities and states are now totally broke because of this crazy anti-tax ideology that's taken over the policymakers at all levels of government?

Jesus hates you all.

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At 2:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you may not be an economist but you are definitely right about one thing - jesus hates all of us, but especially americans


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