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Lessons from Kansas – Cuteness Always Wins

Long-time B&E; readers already know how much I love a good hedgehog story. Well, here’s another.

A sixth-grader in Lawrence, Kansas, really wanted a pet hedgehog. His mom said she’d love to give him one, if only it wasn’t illegal. If it weren’t for that damned threat of foot and mouth disease she’d totally get him one. Totally. Oh, man, that’s really too bad. Shucks, son.

So the kid got the law changed and now has a pet hedgehog. His mother is wondering what the hell happened and how it all went so wrong.

But AWWWWWWWW, wookie the wittle hedgehog! WHO’S THE WOODGIE-COODGIE-BOODGIE?!

Actually, I think maybe the design for Baby Benjamin Button was based on this little hedgehog.

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