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Bernie Wins a Small Victory.

Bernie Sanders, Independent (Socialist-In-All-But-Name) Senator of Vermont, has been a long-time favorite here at B&E;, ever since (OK, even before) he showed up at an event hosted by my nonprofit employer at the time and ate a piece of cake (pictured right!).

Almost-Outta-There-President Bush has had his portrait done for the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, and it hangs with the same ineptitude and arrogance that has marked his presidency. On a sign next to the portrait, someone had written the words, “…the attacks of September 11, 2001, that led to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Not as such, says Senator Bernie.

So Senator Bernie sent a letter to the curator at the National Portrait Gallery explaining that even the president has admitted that there was never a connection between Iraq and al-Qaeda, nor were there weapons of mass destruction. In no way have the events of September 11, 2001 led to the war in Iraq.

The curator has agreed to change the sign.

Critics may call it petty, but the National Portrait Gallery is one (albeit only one) institution that participates in public discourse about what will eventually be the legacy of the most disastrous president in history.

Now, obviously, the Portrait Gallery can’t say that either. But it’s very good of them to at least take care to get the facts straight. The partisan historians can bicker over the Bush legacy.

Speaking of which, it’s almost sad to think that one of George Bush, Sr.’s biggest legacies is fathering the Worst President Ever. Poor bastard.

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