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Another Complaint About the MTA

The Metropolitan Transit Authority has gotten my boxer-briefs in a bunch on numerous occasions.

So it’s surprising to me that I’m feeling their pain a little bit these days. I still think that they need to open up their accounting books (and I mean the real ones) to the City Comptroller (who will hopefully have some time to look them over while running for mayor).

But I believe that they have a budget shortfall and that they need an influx of cash from the city and state governments to keep service and improvements up. I also believe that much of the problem is their fault but accept that they are affected by the economy like any enormous organization. I hate that they’re talking about raising fares when the people who rely on the subway are the people who can’t afford any other modes of transportation.

These conflicting emotions are really about as positive as I get for the MTA, which I consider an inherently corrupt bureaucracy with a very confusing private company/public service relationship to balance.

In any case, I have another complaint about the MTA that I need to air, and if they’re going to raise fares again, I really hope this is something they address.

MTA, your turnstiles keep hitting my testicles, and I have to go through sideways to avoid pretty serious pain.

I’ve played baseball, and I own a jock strap with a cup built into it. But I shouldn’t have to wear it on the subway.

Please raise (or lower) your turnstiles an inch or two. Thank you.

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