Monday, December 15, 2008

The Nostalgia Train

Chalk this one up under "Another Reason New York City Totally Rules"...

The missus and I attended brunch yesterday at a trendy location on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a borough some people think is great.

As we were transferring from our local #7 train to the downtown B/D/F/V options, the Nostalgia Train pulled into the station. I remembered hearing about this special MTA event on the ever-reliable NY1. It's so rare that you hear good things about the MTA on the news that, when you do, the reports really stand out.

Classic subway cars, B&E readers! We rode in a 1930s number with uncomfortable seats (although the lumbar support was surprisingly solid) that was in service until the 1970s. I wasn't in NYC in the 1970s, so it was all new to me.

The MTA has the Nostalgia Train all decked out in classic subway ads, and even the locals look like tourists riding this thing: cameras (or cellphone cameras) out, smiles across the board, and interactions with strangers.

The MTA conductors seemed to be having a good time, and at least one obvious train enthusiast (no MTA identification and wearing a classic engineer's cap) was making platform announcements to let everyone know that it was running along the V line from Queens Plaza to 2nd Avenue. (Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me.)

So if you're in New York City on either of the next two Sundays, I recommend finding your way to the V train and keeping an eye out for the Nostalgia Train.

It'll be one of the few times that the MTA makes you happy.

This morning, of course, the MTA followed up the Nostalgia Train experience with a really shitty commute. Well done.

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