Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dickhead of This Moment - Rod Blagojevich

Right, so it's not exactly a weekly feature anymore, but I think Governor Rod Blagojevich has proven himself to be quite a Dickhead, has he hot?

Yesterday, the Illinois governor was arrested because he was looking to sell President-Elect's Senate seat for some cold, hard cash (like the literally cold, hard cash found in William Jefferson's freezer) or some serious political favors. No high bidder? No problem. He'd just appoint himself to the seat.

This is pretty shocking stuff, not so much that he was doing it (I tend to assume that most politicians, particularly the powerful ones, are corrupt to some degree), but that it was so brazen. The wiretaps are full of expletives ("Fuck the Chicago Cubs!" says his wife), full of bribery (blackmailing the Tribune Company), and full of more expletives ("Fuck them!" says Rod, when he learns the Obama people won't give him anything but appreciation for naming their choice to the Senate seat).

Just the day before his arrest, he actually said, "Go ahead! Tape my conversations!" Well, they were. Oops.

What will continue to be interesting is whether or not the ripples of this Dickhead's actions will be felt in the incoming Obama Administration. After all, the two men served in the Illinois Statehouse together, are a part of the so-called Chicago Political Machine, and know many of the same people. Based on what I've read so far, it appears that Obama himself is not terribly close to Blago, but what about some of those Chicagoans around him?

They will either look like corrupt Dickheads themselves or, if they had anything at all to do with the assisting investigation against Blago, they'll look as clean as my scalp after a shower.

Blago, you remarkable Dickhead. How long before you're a shitbird?

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At 2:36 PM , OpenID zerospfskinned said...

I always wondered if this guy was related to the whole Balkans mess (a la Slobo) or was that fighter in the fourth Rocky movie that killed Apollo?

Maybe both?


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