Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Can't Relax

Lawyers are swarming Pennsylvania to get paper ballots at the polls that can be used if half the voting machines go down. Right now, they'll only be available if all of the voting machines go down.

President Bush has asked the (highly politicized) Department of Justice to investigate and purge up to 200,000 new voter registrations in Ohio because they aren't "exact matches" to other governmental records. So, let's say, for example, my apartment number is A4. The post office often requires that it's printed 4A. That difference could get my voter registration purged.

In Indiana, the Secretary of State (who oversees elections) is pressing for full-on prosecution of ACORN for voter fraud. In 2000, he was one of the many lawyers who descended upon Florida during that debacle, and took a lead role in stopping the recount. This is a real piece-of-work overseeing what will be a very close election in Indiana.

In Florida, Governor Crist surprisingly extended early voting hours to make it more accessible. That doesn't seem terribly Republican of him. So it's no wonder that rumors are spreading that the early votes won't count. There's no hard evidence that the votes will be lost or thrown out, but it's easy to see why people are nervous, especially in historically disenfranchised communities.

Meanwhile, the Right continues to attack ACORN. They're accusing ACORN of committing voter fraud (ACORN's only "crime" is registering poor people). And more recently, the Right has been scapegoating ACORN, because somehow it's totally their fault that the housing market collapsed.

And people wonder why I have high blood pressure.



At 5:16 PM , OpenID zerospfskinned said...

Relax, it'll all be okay once the Supreme Court gets involved.

So, I'm finally living in a "state that matters" around election time and getting very interesting mail and TV ads blasting one side and/or the other. Thanks to ACORN, I'm looking forward to not only voting 17 times here in Florida, but 5 times in Alaska and 12 times New Mexico! Huzzah!

Don't fret, we're one nation, under God*, indivisible, with Freedom and Justice for all!


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