Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Stood Out This Week - 10/19-10/25

A dying grandmother, redistribution of wealth, and a self-inflicted ass-kicking. Let's see What Stood Out This Week...

The Democrat

That Barack Obama just keeps on keepin' on. The goal is all about riding the wave and relying on the ground game.

Obama's grandmother appears to be on her deathbed, so he took the last couple days off to fly to Hawaii to say goodbye. On a crass level, i.e. politically, this demonstrates his love of family and reminds racists that he's only half black.

The Republican

The John McCain campaign has pretty much run an even nastier version of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Remember Hillary's "kitchen sink" approach? Well, that's been McCain.

Robocalls tell swing state voters that Obama's still making sweet, sweet love to terrorists, that he's going to take all your money and give it to welfare recipients, and that he's downright dangerous to Americans; Palin still doesn't seem to know what the Vice President's role is; and McCain himself seems intent on pursuing this "Obama's a socialist!" line of attack.

Oh, and as I'm sure you all know by now, that young lady College Republican and McCain volunteer who claimed to be mugged, beaten, and mutilated by a large black man/Obama supporter made the whole damned thing up. Although race-baiting isn't generally my favorite tactic, I am rather impressed that she kicked her own ass. I also love that she had the audacity, not of hope, but of blaming the liberal media for making such a big fucking deal out of it.

My fear now

Thanks to my consumption of lefty media, which is not remotely healthy, I've been reading/hearing a lot about stealing elections. In 2000, obviously, it was stolen through Florida; in 2004, through Ohio. Keep an eye on Pennsylvania for this year's backdoor to Republican victory. The groundwork is being laid.

Unless Obama can win so big that the election can't be believably stolen, I'm absolutely convinced that it will be.

And on that note of paranoia, dear B&E readers... That's What Stood Out This Week.



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