Thursday, October 30, 2008

Voter Suppression

Nope. Still can't relax.

Voter suppression is rampant, and Talking Points Memo has a summary of a few of the more glaring cases here.

The ACORN voter fraud story is a myth and a smokescreen. There have been something like five prosecuted cases of voters actually casting more than one ballot. Doing so is a felony, so people don't.

Disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of voters by purging the rolls or intimidation, on the other hand... It's easy and, apparently, arguably OK. And yes, both major parties will do it if it suits their needs, but the Pubes are a hell of a lot better at it than the Democraps, who to their shame (and potential loss of the election) are doing and saying almost nothing about it.

There are also reports of electronic voting machines switching votes in West Virgina. A woman pressed Obama and McCain lit up. She pressed Obama again and McCain lit up again. She had to press Obama a half dozen times before Obama finally lit up. That doesn't exactly instill confidence in the process.



At 11:58 AM , OpenID zerospfskinned said...

Well, you can't expect West Virginians to be able to vote correctly on the first press, duh!

Go Rays! Oh well...


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