Thursday, October 30, 2008


I offer my personal congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies, whose win of the World Series makes the Mets look like a slightly better team than they were.

Obviously, since I'm a Mets fan, I was pulling for the Rays. Because I don't much care for either team when it comes right down to it, I watched only part of all of the games and no single game in its entirety. And I missed the final innings of Game 5 because I saw a movie instead (Rachel Getting Married is very good, if a little sad).

But I'm hearing rumors that the Philadelphia Phillies Phaithful booed the shit out of Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. And this is coming just a couple weeks after the Philadelphia Flyers Ph/Faithful booed the shit out of Sarah Palin.

Booing the shit out of people I don't like wins a lot of points here at B&E. Yes, Philadelphians, you may teeter on the edge of violence, but perhaps that's what gives you the cohones to boo the shit out of people who need booing.

And man, Bud Selig and Sarah Palin need some booing.

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At 10:43 PM , Anonymous curt(bald bro said...

At 10:13 AM , OpenID zerospfskinned said...

Please rank the following team's fans, from worst to first, in terms of illiteracy and unemployment:

Boston Red Sox
Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Phillies

Do we see a correlation between this rank and fan behavior?


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