Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've Had My Eye on This Shitbird

Ted Stevens was an early favorite of mine for Dickhead of the Week awards on B&E. So it's not surprising to see him come around to Shitbird status.

Yes, as I'm sure you know by now, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska has been found guilty on all counts of making false statements (and that Talking Points story really takes you through the whole affair if you're interested).

So now Cranky Pants Ted is a convicted felon, struggling to hold onto his Senate seat. I don't really understand what goes on up in the Alaskan part of the country, but in most states that would sink a re-election campaign.

I'm actually feeling a little bereft about the whole thing. Granted, I haven't been exerting as much energy on Uncle Teddy lately, but my early Dickhead has come to his inevitable end as Shitbird. So unless he finds redemption (and I mean real redemption, not some sort of born-again bullshit) and becomes an Anti-Dickhead, I feel very finished with Ted Stevens.

Except one last thing: Sarah Palin wouldn't say if she was still voting for him.


At 5:10 PM , Anonymous mattupp said...

Thanks to my ACORN registrations, I'm voting 5 times for him...


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