Saturday, October 18, 2008


New York is, in the vernacular of the media, a blue state. New York City is like a navy blue Sharpie stain on the blue state. We're a bunch of queer-loving abortionists who'd hug trees if we had any worth hugging. (Like our models, our trees are so skinny you're afraid you might break them with a good squeeze.)

So imagine my surprise when I saw a young man walking down the street wearing a McCain-Palin cap. My instincts said, "Tourist!" But he and his wife (or girlfriend or transgendered partner) were carrying groceries, an activity that screams, "Local!"

Now, had I been in Williamsburg, I'd have naturally assumed it was irony, sort of like those bushy mustaches that the Great Unwashed wear.

But alas, I was on the Upper East Side, a neighborhood not known for its irony or socialism.

In other words, I found the man who clearly possesses the biggest balls in New York.

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At 7:28 PM , Anonymous curt(happily bald bro said...

this video is heartwarming and cool IMO

At 8:01 PM , Anonymous curt(happily bald bro said...

dan, i think you get that rather than "hating" someone who has different views than you, instead you should be thankful and embrace that, since diversity is crucial to our survival..

At 9:00 PM , Anonymous curt(happily bald bro said...

At 10:53 AM , Blogger Dan G said...

Actually, curt (happily bald bro), if that is indeed your name, if you'll read the post again, you'll notice that I didn't express hatred, but rather confusion at his presence and perhaps some awe for the size of his balls.

At 4:05 PM , Anonymous curt(or whatever name you want to give me said...

dan, yes, i was trying to say i'm glad you aren't filled with hatred and bitterness using the guise of politics or any other reason..


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