Friday, October 03, 2008

Guest Post - Baldy in a Battleground - Episode 9

Dream Analysis in a Battleground

Lest anyone should wonder if election anxiety is creeping its way into my dreams, here is as accurate an account as I can give of my dream last night:

The volunteer coordinator of the campaign office kept stealing my writing utensils and replacing them with cookware - spatulas, tongs, soup ladles, etc. After I had stolen my pens and pencils back from her multiple times, and very cleverly put them in a container for kitchen utensils, thinking this would trick her, she did it again. When I went to confront her, she informed me that Senator Obama was coming to town and that it was my job to take him around and introduce him to all the volunteers.

Imagine my surprise when, upon his arrival at the office, in walked Mayor Tommy Carcetti, from The Wire. He wasn't with Barack, he WAS Barack. I was confused, but everyone was acting like he was Barack, so I went along with it. That is, until I took him to the first volunteer house. My volunteer opened the door, he said, "Surprise!" and hugged her, at which point she looked at me and said, "Who the hell is this guy?" I told her it was Barack Obama, but she wasn't buying it.

Barack Obama/Tommy Carcetti was very upset about her reaction. He'd been expecting a warmer reception. I hesitated for a moment and then said, "Well, Barack, you just don't look the way you look on TV. I mean, for one, you're black on TV. But here, you're white, and short, and you're also a character on an HBO drama. We're just confused."

He was hurt. He didn't understand. I asked him if he knew he was black, or at least that he appeared black on TV. He said he'd been hearing whispers. As best he could tell, there was a lighting issue the first time he ever appeared on TV, which made him look black. There was such a positive response to the possibility of the first black president, that his handlers had decided to keep using the lighting trick. Nobody had told him this directly - they didn't want him to be involved in the lie - but this was his theory as to what was happening. The constant rejection by people seeing him in person and realizing he was that white guy from The Wire, was really getting him down, though.

Sad, huh?

I wonder if Stringer Bell is white, too... And McNulty is black...

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