Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fuck the Mothers

I should really not watch presidential debates. They make my blood pressure spike. Bob Schieffer did his job well in getting them to engage with each other, which only made me more tense.

John McCain seethed with rage, well, pretty much the entire time. But there was one astounding moment: when McCain mocked the health-of-the-mother exception for abortion. That moment revealed a deep and genuine misogyny.

Whatever Hillary voters were still supporting McCain last night (not many) should be chilled by that moment. It was seriously fucked up.

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At 7:37 PM , Anonymous Joe the Plumper (I'm not related to the guy they were talking about last night) said...

My favorite part was when the guy came on stage and wound up that big crank that comes out of McCain's back. That was cool. But not as cool as when he made steam come out of his ears! I honestly thought that only happened in cartoons.

At 2:00 AM , Anonymous curt(happily bald bro said...

only one thing to do, dan..


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