Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloomberg Gets Extended Term Limits, No News on Lips

The City Council cleared Bloomberg to run for a third term, even though I seem to remember NYC voting twice to limit terms in office to two.

I don't have strong feelings about term limits, but I'm pretty sure I voted against them. If my representative is doing a good job, I don't have a problem with that person running for office again. In theory, an election can serve as a limit on terms.

Sure, I see the other argument, too: fresh blood, more about doing the work than saving the job, etc.

But no, I don't like that it was our City Council that decided to extend the term limits. Not one bit. Fifty-one council members overturned two referendums voted on by millions. Hell, man, I'd probably vote to extend term limits, but you didn't even give me a fucking chance.

For the record, my council member, Eric "Where There's a Camera There's a" Gioia, voted against extending term limits. Surprisingly, I haven't yet seen him on TV discussing his vote. I wonder if he's moved off of NY1 and onto the major networks.

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At 6:18 PM , Anonymous Mike Bloomberg said...

You are in so much trouble.


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