Friday, October 10, 2008

Apologies to the Dodgers and (Devil) Rays

As long as the stock market is still crashing and the election is even uglier, let's return to baseball.

That's right, B&E/baseball fans! The playoffs continue!

The usual is happening again, I'm afraid. My support is a curse. In each round I pick the teams I'd like to see win, and so far, only one team has advanced. My temporary fandom of the Angels, Brewers, and Cubs doomed them. (Although, to be fair, the Cubs have their own set of issues.) Only the (Devil) Rays survived my cheers.

So now the (Devil) Rays and Red Sox face off against each other in the American League, while the Phillies and Dodgers go head-to-head in the National League.

Since I'm now rooting for the (Devil) Rays and Dodgers to continue on, I fully expect to see a Red Sox-Phillies World Series.

(To non-baseball fans, I was looking for an image of some sexy Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays players, but couldn't find anything quickly. So instead I offer this one, which goes with this story. I want to know whose job it is to scrub the paint off those things.)



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