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The Good News from Wednesday

So Tuesday evening (or Wednesday morning) was obviously disappointing for Obama supporters and anyone who’s just downright tired of this never-ending primary.

What was lost in the predictable, “Hillary’s back from the dead!” headlines (the press has a pretty funny definition of “dead”), was the news of out southeastern Vermont:

Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney

That’s right, dear B&E; readers. If our soon-to-be-ex-administration members set foot in Brattleboro or Marlboro, Vermont, they could become real shitbirds.

The people of these (awesome) towns have accused them of “crimes against the constitution,” and police will be expected to “extradite them” to other authorities with the power to prosecute.

I’m not sure who these other authorities are exactly. Will the BPD (Brattleboro Police Department) ship them off to Spain or Germany, where there are genuine efforts to prosecute Dubya and Dick for war crimes?

So yes, of course, the measure is mostly symbolic. But I like Vermont’s brand of heavy-handed symbolism.

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