Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lessons from Kansas - Soul Touching

Some of the heated rhetoric over the missing Kansas National Guardsmen and their equipment has cooled, and President Bush made a visit with Governor Sebelius to Greensburg, Kansas yesterday. And only five days after the tornado struck.

Hey, everyone! This tornado is not Katrina! Greensburg is not New Orleans! Those poor (mostly) white people are not poor (mostly) black people! FEMA really is doing a heckuva job! Of course, the complaints were never with FEMA in this case.

So what was President Bush's purpose with this visit? I pull a quote from our president directly from the New York Times:
My mission is to — today, though, is to lift people’s spirits as best as I possibly can and to hopefully touch somebody’s soul by representing our country, and to let people know that while there was a dark day in the past, there’s brighter days ahead.
Split infinitives, subject/verb disagreement... But I'll let the grammatical mess slide for now. Off-the-cuff dialogue is often a grammatical mess. Especially where our Commander-in-Chief is concerned.

But this idea of his touching my soul... I mean, yuck.

Mr. President, I respectfully demand that you keep your grubby paws off my soul. Bad touch. Bad touch.

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At 1:04 AM , Blogger jon said...

My friend, you need to put down the Strunk & White and take a break. Otherwise you'll be driven crazy by 'bad punctuation', bad speling and serial commas.


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