Friday, May 04, 2007

It's a Scottish Squeaker

The results are in, B&E readers, and the Scottish Nationalist Party has become the largest party in Scottish Parliament by one seat.

The man pictured is Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party. Is he a looker, or what?

It's not all rosy, however, in the land of the Lowlands and Highlands. The election itself was apparently a bit of a disaster. It sounds like they're using Diebold over there. Some are estimating that as many as one in ten votes were spoiled. One in ten! That's like discounting every black vote in the United States. Uh...

My question is this: Who's responsible for the election disaster? If it's the Scots, it doesn't exactly bode well for how they'll run the joint. If it's the current Great Britain, well, let's give these Scots their freedom, and stat. And if they can work out their election issues, they should come work out ours, too.

So let the coalitions begin. If the SNPs can get a majority of Scottish Parliament to agree, the Scots may soon vote for...




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