Saturday, May 19, 2007


On a chilly night at Shea, while I was in line for coffee, Endy Chavez hit the exciting home run that put the Mets up for good against the Yankees (which is apparently another New York-based team -- who knew?).

But it was well worth the wait because when I finally got to the front of the exceedingly long line I was informed unapologetically that they couldn't get the coffee hot. "We got a problem." His problem was apparently my problem.

I didn't miss all the excitement, though. Endy made a nifty play in left field to throw out Johnny Damon at second base, as he tried to stretch a single. And Oliver Perez pitched a hell of a game (along with Joe Smith and Billy Wagner) to hold what used to be a powerful offense for the Yankees to two lousy runs.

Two more games to go in 2007 Subway Series I.


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