Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm Just So Sad All the Time

I don't know how much more I can take. The sadness is all-encompassing. The sorrow unrelenting.

How much longer must I mourn Gerald Ford?

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At 3:38 PM , Anonymous OldFriend said...

I’ll tell you what’s sad,… What’s sad is me spending the last day and a half reading this blog and all of it’s archived entries just to try and catch up. In the process of that, I’ve managed to allow myself to be waylaid by my own personal investigation into the whole Tom Bird/Lorna Anderson Moore saga just so I could try and figure out if I had Terry Lyn Smith as a camp counselor as well,… and only to come up the opposite of Pee-Wee Herman. (Empty Handed) Yup,… that’s sad.

I’ll tell you what else is sad. That someone would remember a vote count of 18-4 in favor of Reagan over Mondale from a mock election in grade school,… now that’s sad!,… or,… it’s sheer genius,… and because I find myself envying the simple fact that you could even recall those stats and then portray them with a literary mastery that can only be acquired from one that has studied under the boner-pulling Ms. Schaefer herself,…. (who would keel over if she read this nicely structured sentence),… then I must conclude that it’s a bit of both.

Oh yeah,…. And because of one of those archived entries I even took precious time out of my life and googled “asshole”. And not just the fact that I did it,… but that I actually got a kick out of it,… now that’s sad,….

Oh and that Gerald Ford thing,… yeah,…. That’s sad too,….

At 5:53 PM , Anonymous virgil said...

I'm going to be in mourning until Chevy Chase is dead. Then I'll start celebrating.
Not that I have anything against Chevy Chase. it's just a case of the other foot dropping, or is it the shoe? At any rate, I'll start hopping when things stop dropping. That's a promise.


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