Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Reason Vermont Rules

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Some of you may remember May of 2001, when Vermont Senator James Jeffords defected from the Republican Party. No, he did not become a Democrat. He became an Independent. But he voted with Democrats, and for eighteen short (and feckless) months, the Democrats held onto the majority in the Senate, thanks solely to his leaving the Republican Party. In 2002, the Republican Party took the Senate back, and it's been good times ever since.

Jeffords is retiring this year, and running for his Senate seat is long-time Congressman, Bernie Sanders, also an Independent. Too left-leaning for the Democratic Party, he is nevertheless getting their backing this election.

Meanwhile, he's getting hit from the further left by Peter Diamondstone, the Liberty Union Party candidate, a one-time friend of Bernie, but who's been pissed off since 1984 when Bernie threw his support towards Fritz Mondale. Don't piss off a lefty. They don't forget.

Well, the Senate debate in Vermont was a memorable one. Diamondstone went well over his time limit and cursed at some of the students asking questions. He finally became so pissed off during the debate that he got tossed from the room and arrested.

Rumor has it there was a Republican candidate participating as well. Some guy named Tarrant. We're still awaiting confirmation on that little piece of news.

In the meantime, go Bernie!

[And thanks to Phil for the link.]

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